Soredex Cranex D Panoramic X-ray

The CRANEX® D is a digital, state-of-the-art panoramic x-ray system. It offers enhanced images with superior quality, regardless of the patient's dental situation. It is designed for comfortable positioning for every patient with a 4 point head support and bite block to help you stay still during the x-ray procedure.

A panoramic x-ray allows the dental practitioner to view the parts of the mouth that are difficult to see in traditional or even digital x-rays. By using a panoramic machine, all areas of the mouth and jaw are clearly visible and may be viewed in one complete image. This allows the dentist to see how the entire mouth and jaw are positioned as well as any issues that are not visible through a traditional series. This is often used to view wisdom teeth and their positions in regards to surrounding teeth, bone, and tissue.

The CRANEX® D offers high resolution images that offer more diagnostic value. You can feel comfortable knowing that your dentist will have the most comprehensive view of your mouth, jaw, and tissue and will be able to plan treatment accordingly.

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