Dental Microscope

A dental microscope can be an incredible asset in providing your dental care. With a dental microscope, the dentist has better visualization of problem areas which allows greater precision in treatment. In fact, some microscopes can magnify up to 20x! These microscopes are usually equipped with special lights, designed to illuminate the areas that are most difficult to see in the mouth.

With the dental microscope, a dentist may be able to see, diagnose, and a treat a problem much earlier. For the patient, that means less invasive and difficult treatment with early intervention.

Dental microscopes help patients see what the dentist sees so that they can more easily understand the need for treatment, the treatment itself, and the results. It also aids dental hygienists to see what assistance is needed via monitor linked to the microscope.

Improved comfort is an additional benefit of the dental microscope. When the dentist can see, at significant magnification and illumination, the precise area on which he or she is working, the clinician’s level of precision increases and patients, in turn, are more comfortable as the treatment is more focused.

The dental microscope is helpful for diagnosing irregular root shapes, visualization of calcifications and root or canal changes, viewing of denticles and other calicification, thorough visualization of open apex, repair of perforations, or any microsurgical procedures.

The dental microscope allows dental professionals to thoroughly visualize, diagnose, and treat patients which results in a higher standard of care, increased comfort, and improved quality of treatment.

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