iTero Digital Impressions

In the "old" days of dentistry, we used to take an impression by placing a goopy material in your mouth and letting it sit for about 5 minutes. We waited and hoped that we had captured the impression accurately so that we could the pour up a stone model and make a cast. Well, the old days are replaced with digital technology. Dr. XXX is proud to only use the iTero digital impression system.

After we finish preparing the tooth, we take a digital scan with our iTero system. The digital scan is, quite literally, digitally perfect. We are able to deliver a digital scan to our lab, so that they can create a crown that fits much better than in the old days.

Designed to replace the uncomfortable and imprecise method of conventional impression taking, the Cadent iTero digital impression system is an exciting new technology that is light-years ahead of the other cumbersome and expensive digital impression systems available today.

iTero is powered by proprietary imaging technology that enables Dr. XXX to take a digital scan of your teeth and bite, make any necessary adjustments in real-time, and then transmit the file via a wireless Internet connection to the laboratory for further processing. From there the digital file is transmitted to Cadent, the makers of iTero, where a model is milled. The physical model is then sent to the cosmetic dental lab where a highly precise physical restoration is created. With significant benefits such as increased patient satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, and enhanced office efficiencies, iTero helps us improve the quality of our work.

The Benefits of an iTero Lasting First Impression

  • Eliminate the uncomfortable patient experience of traditional impressions
  • Enhance our reputation as a high-quality, leading edge practice
  • Utilize advanced digital technology to maximize our potential
  • Achieve superior fitting prosthetics with little or no adjustments
  • Enjoy increased patient satisfaction
  • Realize improved clinical results

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